The APA Advantage copy.png

General Advantages

  • Economies of scale for all participants

  • Builds on automation and relationships already in place

  • Program performance measurement

  • Expands patient programs while protecting privacy

  • HIPAA and HITECH compliant

Pharmacy Advantages

  • Higher revenues through patient compliance programs

  • Strengthens community pharmacy

  • Higher revenues via patient loyalty

Patient Advantages

  • Better health through personalized programs and information

  • Better personal contact with their pharmacist

  • Convenience of dealing with local pharmacy

  • Confidentiality

Advantages for Software Vendors

  • Efficient means of working with manufacturers and other industry segments

  • Access to business opportunities otherwise impractical for individual software companies

  • Expands availability of patient compliance programs for pharmacies

  • Software vendors benefit from healthier pharmacy customers

Advantages for Manufacturers, Channel Partners and Wholesalers

  • Implement programs through a single contracting point

  • Efficient vehicle to reach select groups of patients

  • Track and measure program activity and results

  • Convey marketing information to pharmacists and retrieve feedback

  • Broadcast product alerts, recalls, or launches right to the pharmacy counters

  • Patient enrollment

  • Rapid implementation of programs


A Technology Partnership

The American Pharmacy Alliance is a technology partnership of leading pharmacy software companies that supply prescription processing systems to more than 16,000 independent and small chain pharmacies throughout the United States. APA programs help community pharmacies significantly expand their value to patients and to the health care delivery system, and at the same time help other industry partners achieve their patient care and business goals. Drug manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacy benefits managers, managed care organizations, and others are able to recruit and service independent and small chain pharmacies with the same efficiencies and economies as large chain and  mail-order pharmacies. The APA and its members quite simply provide a higher level of access to many pharmacies and patients.


Efficiency and Scale


The APA provides a single business and communication point through which many pharmacies and patients can benefit from APA sponsored programs. These programs are made possible through this HIPAA and HITECH compliant data channel that allows members to easily integrate with their/other channel partners.


Improving Patient Compliance



Over 50% of all prescribed patient medications are not taken properly and the avoidable costs from such medication non-adherence are over $100 billion per year. The APA, its channel partners and community pharmacies have teamed up to address this issue head-on with several different programs. These programs provide a consistent and highly efficient means by which compliance and non-adherence strategies can be implemented and measured, and a mechanism by which targeted educational information can be communicated to pharmacists and patients.