Frequently Asked Questions

What is The American Pharmacy Alliance?

The American Pharmacy Alliance (APA) is a technology partnership of leading pharmacy software companies that provide software and system support services to more than 16,000 independent and small chain pharmacies throughout the United States. Its projects are focused primarily in the area of patient compliance, and help community pharmacies significantly expand their value to patients, and to the health care delivery system, and at the same time help others in the industry achieve their pharmaceutical care and business goals.

What are the objectives of the APA?

We provide and manage access to beneficial products and services for independent and small chain pharmacies, their customers and software vendors nationwide.

Which software companies make up the APA?

Member companies include: Cerner Etreby Computer Company, Computer-Rx, Cost Effective Computer Systems Inc., Digital Simplistics, Inc., Health Business Systems, Inc., Lagniappe Pharmacy Services, QS/1 Data Systems, Transaction Data Systems, Inc., and VIP Computer Systems, Inc.

How will The APA accomplish these goals?

The APA provides a way for companies to deal with many stores and many software vendors through a single point of contact. It's purpose is not to reinvent technology, but rather to coordinate and apply existing, proven technology. This will be done by working with expert industry suppliers on product integration, and providing the efficiency of a single business and communication point through which to reach a significant portion of the nation's community pharmacies. In this way, pharmacies and patients benefit from the industry's broad expertise, with the advantage of rapid implementation.

What organizations can become members of The APA?

At present, the membership is exclusive to software development companies serving independent and small chain pharmacies.

Who can participate in APA programs?

APA programs will initially be introduced through its founding member companies. Fundamental to the APA's philosophy however is that these programs would be made available to non-member software companies and their pharmacy clients. The intent is to provide tools on an industry wide basis that help retail pharmacies strengthen their ability to deliver value in the evolving managed care marketplace.

How does a pharmacy enroll?

A pharmacy should contact their pharmacy software company and request participation in an APA program.